Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Gown

Lace and silk!

This material and lace are the main components of the gown that will be my major project.  If the bottom piece of lace looks familiar its because it used to masquerade as my blog header.  It is a 43" piece of chemical lace from the 1910's, which makes it a bonafide antique.  The other lace I found from RetroNana (who has lots of cool stuff and is closing August 12, so go buy something) on Etsy, she sells finds from op-shops in China.  No telling age or anything.  And the silk is a crepe de chine from my mother's stash.  Six and a half yards, 36 inches wide.  The difference in lace color does not bother me because the top lace will be the godets in a six panel gored skirt.

The most expensive part of this whole gown is the interlining.  I'm not doing a lining, that would be kinda silly.   I originally posted my sketch and clipping idea for the gown last year, but its really hard to tell.  Here it is below. I'll get the sketch scanned and put up sometime later in the week. I won't lie,  the entire dress has revolved around the antique lace and inherited silk.  I'm going for a retro look but its got so many elements of the early 20th century I couldn't pinpoint a specific decade.  My hope is that, when done, it will feel timeless and look amazing on me.


Because I need to have this ready the Thursday before Labor Day, I've made myself a rough time-table.

Gown Itinerary: 
Week of July 23rd:  Copy all the different pattern pieces and make known flat pattern adjustments first, cut muslin and do first fitting. Transfer markings to flat pattern pieces. Also, wash fashion fabric, and dye underlining then wash.
Week of July 30th: Second muslin fitting, make any necessary adjustments, cut out underlining, baste to fashion fabric. Stabilize necklines, armholes, and godets before final cutting.
Week of August 6th: Cut out fashion fabric and begin assembly.  Fit as I go, start to question my sanity.
Week of August 13th: Finishing details such as attaching lace and hemming, other attention to details
Week of August 20th:   Panic and the amount of work left to do. Question my sanity. Drink cocktails, finish it anyway.

So that's what I'm working on. There's no way I'd have it done in time for Promballoona, so I'm just going to say that this will be an extension of that, just a month later!  

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  1. "My hope is that, when done, it will feel timeless and look amazing on me."

    A seamstress's hopes summed up.

    Also, I love your schedule. I wish I could make schedules like that for myself.