Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hashtag Sewing

Its a strange thing that's happened recently. See, once upon a time I said I had no interest in Twitter. Even the lovely Neil Gaiman fans couldn't entice me to be active on it and then along came my sew-sistas (I just made that up). While blogging is wonderful for the sharing of more complex ideas sometimes I just want to shout "LOOK AT THIS AWESOME DEAL I GOT ON FABRIC!".  The majority of the people in my life pat me on the head and say "That's nice dear".

You know what I'm talking about, right? We're a special breed of enthusiasts that most people just don't "get", even some of the others in the maker community, I'm betting. I love that technology allows like-minded people to find their own across the globe, it really is an amazing thing.

So thanks to twitter I now have coat sewing buddies and a #sewingdare to finally make my Lady Grey coat that I wanted to make almost two years ago. It probably won't be finished until next winter, but I'm OK with that. I will have a lovely new coat to help make the darker days of winter seem better. The idea this year is to get faster at sewing the things I know how to make and overcoming the fear of mistakes on new skills. I have a lot of holes in my wardrobe to fill, too. Work basics, mostly. And jeans.

In other news I decided that I do not have the time to teach class this year. I'm finally on a day schedule and realizing just how much I miss my family. I'm also taking care of some health issues I've been trying to ignore for a while. What I'm trying to say is that, instead of resolutions, this year is going to be about getting myself back in balance.

And on that note, I leave you with one of the more beautiful videos I've seen in a while:


  1. So happy you hang out with us on Twitter... and I like it- "sew-sistas" has a really nice ring! -Laurie

  2. You're so on the money here. I was exactly like that about twitter too... until I discovered EVERYONE at my social sewing meetup group in Melb was on it except me. I got sucked in - bad.
    You won't regret the lady grey goodness - she's a lovely coat pattern!
    and thanks for the chuckle with that e-card ;)
    Love your work!

  3. Those of us who'd love to take your class are willing to wait. But you know that already, don't ya, sista?!

  4. Twitter is the BEST for fast sewing friend connections!! I resisted becoming a Twit for soooo long and now I'm on there everyday, checking for sewing goss I might have missed ;o)

  5. It was totally the #sewingsocial that sucked me in to twitter. I feel a bit embarrassed about how often I check it, but it can be so fun! It does cut into my blog-reading time, though...