Thursday, February 28, 2013

Its a Sewcialist Revolution!

I don't know if you've noticed, but the sewing corner of the interwebs has been growing. You can find us on blogs, facebook, twitter, and instagram. One day I was poking about and thinking "Gosh, we need a name. We should give ourselves a name!"

The great thing about out loud thoughts on the internet is people have a tendency to answer them. Fairly soon after that Leila of "Three Dresses Project" came up with the name "Sewcialists!". Boy, did that stick. I mean, think about it. Not only are we a community of people that love to sew and talk about it, we're from all over the world and a little subversive in our desire to make clothing when its just as easy to go BUY clothes (Wait, you can buy clothes? Huh). We're like the 21rst Century Sewing Circle. WORLD WIDE BABY!

This is where ya'll come in! The Sewcialists are seeking emblem designs for our budding community of sewing aficionados. We need your talent. Or your friend's talent. Its cool, we don't discriminate. We're laid back like that.

Who are the Sewcialists?

Sewcialists are those who sew and chat about sewing, fabric stashes, etc on social media. Any type of communication that utilizes the internet, really.

What are we looking for?  We are looking for a design that:

  • Relates to sewing and the social nature of sewcialists
  • Is modern, simple, recognizable and memorable
  • Is useable in black & white as well as in color
  • Lets not forget fame and glory! The winner will be given credit where credit is due. 

What will the winner win?

  • A 1 year subscription to Make magazine
  • A $100 cash prize. The cash prize of one hundred US currency will be paid through PayPal only
  • A custom ipad sleeve
  • The everlasting adoration of a bunch of people that like to make things. This could be used to your advantage, I'm sure.

We are proud to have MAKE as our official competition sponsor! They're the ones giving the winner the subscription.

(Come on, how cool is that? We have official sponsorship from other subversive types!)

Deadline for submissions is April 20th. Submit to jury [at] sewcislists [dot] org

We have a sewcialists jury of 10 who will be blogging about this contest. Check out the jury list at

General Voting

April 24 until May 8: The jury members will open up general voting on the designs that made it to the final round.

  • Voting will happen via comments on the jury blog posts
  • Every sewcialist has one vote per jury-blog
  • One person can vote multiple times (as long as it's on different jury-blogs) on different designs, or on the same design.
Any questions? Please let me know! Feel free to share this contest with your friends.In fact, PLEASE DO! Spread the word far and wide. It's open to all. The fine print can be found at I highly recommend that those looking to enter READ the fine print, there are stipulations about the file type.


  1. Wow! Elizabeth you and your sewcialists are gangbusters.

  2. OK, you've convinced me I have to learn a new trick (Twitter) despite being a very old dog. I can't let the sewcialist revolution leave me behind.

  3. Makes me wish I had talent in that area. My sewing takes up all the creative space my brain has to offer though. Sewcialists is a seriously awesome word though. I like it, and I'm not going to be afraid to use it.