Monday, March 17, 2014

KitchyCoo Trifecta Top!

Have you seen the latest Kitchy Coo pattern yet? If not, there's a whole lot to love here! This is a raglan sleeve knit shirt that has lots of customization as shown above. The top I'm showing you here was my first test, straight out of the package. Its a bit tight in my shoulders but I think that's me going off old measurements*.

This is a poly ITY knit from Fabric Mart. I also made a pair of slacks out of this, I'll show you that one later. My favorite thing about this pattern is that I didn't have to do a large arm adjustment. WOOT!!

I could probably do with a sway back adjustment. However, I usually just make the hips wider. This does not always turn out as planned.

I put the neck binding on in the round, as well as the sleeve bindings. I just turned under and cover stitched the hem.  That's about it, really. The whole thing took me about an hour after I was done fiddling with the fabric to cut this out of leftover scraps. So, not counting my time this shirt was basically... .50 cents worth of material.

So you really need to run and get this pattern RIGHT NOW. Its easy to put the pdf together, not very many pages at all and there are endless variations. Ok, not endless, its actually 27. TWENTY SEVEN VARIATIONS FOR A SINGLE KNIT TOP!! Holy crap. So if you take the $7.20 UK (11.98US) and divide it by 27 that's .27uk (.44us) per variation.

So what I'm really trying to say is "BUY THIS PATTERN".  Ok, that's all for now. Love all y'all crazy folk.

*new medications and new diet have had me swinging widely on the scale. I'm currently at the heaviest I've ever been outside of pregnancy. I'm NOT happy with it largely for health and pain reasons. 


  1. This is such a great pattern! I'm sorry that your meds and diet are having such a horrible effect. I've been seeing the effects of some meds, too, lately. It's definitely no fun.

  2. That tee looks great on you. Fabulous fabric too.

  3. Sorry to hear about the medications messing with your body. I do think this is a great top because the fabric is grrrrific!

  4. Beautiful, fun, and it looks so comfortable! Congratulations on a win-win. :) You look great, as always!

  5. Just found your blog today! Lovely version of this top which is in my to do pile but now I'm more excited about starting it. I have been suffering from a Lady Skater crush (3 dresses deep and a 4th cut out ready) so I am hoping this top will pull me out of my sewing rut.