Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh Yeah, I made curtains.

So in a fit of cleaning last week, in which I did 12 loads of laundry,  I had this overwhelming need to make new curtains for my bedroom.  I may have alluded to this, but I also work at night.  Said curtains also include blackout lining.


The main part of the curtains is a lovely plum color and the valence is black with a half circle with trim. The  plum fabric was part of the 7.5 yards of raw silk my Aunt sent me (And I have enough left to make a blouse. Just call me Scarlet). Obviously, I dyed the silk.  BTW, iDYE is way better than RIT. And it occurs to me that I didn't take close ups of the finished product.  DERP.

All in all, they have been a hit. My only issue is the amount of light that leaks in through the top. I'm fairly certain some egg-crate type foam stuffed in the cracks will take care of that.  Right now I'm using a feather boa I just had laying around.

Why are you looking at me funny? Doesn't everyone have feather boas laying around their house? Well of course it matches my pink wig.  It also matches the purple one.  I thought everyone dressed up as anime characters for fun, don't you. No? You people are weird. 

On a different note, did I also mention that my wonderful friend Beth Ann sent me some sewing books she got from a library free-cycle?  



My two favorites and the late 60's McCall's book and the Better Homes pattern adjustment one.  Also from the 60's, I think.  They have a lot of overlap with the "Fit for Real People" and the Reader's Digest " Complete Guide to Sewing" but also help explain some of the more esoteric directions in vintage patterns.

The "Innovative Serging" one is great for some ideas on how to do design with sergers that I had not thought of, though my brain keeps screeching to a halt at the OMG 80's! examples.  I think with a few more glasses of wine and my trusty idea pad I'll get over that.  Oh, I haven't talked about my idea pad?  OH.  HEY.  Here's some more pics!

Design ideas for the six yards of silk crepe in peach I got from Mom.  You might be able to see it in the center, my drawing.

This was me playing with swatches in my stash and a color pallet for  Fall/Winter.  I change my mind a lot.

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