Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vintage Sewing Treasure - Part 1

Back of dress.  I just happened to have a fashion mannequin and petticoat on hand. 

When family was here in town for Mom's memorial, they also brought me a bunch of goodies.  The majority of it was found in the back of closets or old chests.  Forgotten bits of family history, and even the history of home sewing.   The first of which I'm sharing is what looks to be the under slip of an early 20th century wedding dress.  I place it somewhere around mid to late 20's.  Its a very light chiffon, I'm going to say its probably silk given the way the underarms have been eaten away from sweat stains.  Its also very wrinkled because I'm afraid to iron it, or even have it dry cleaned. 

The hem is hand rolled,  as is a lot of the finishing work by hand.  In fact, I think the only seams that were sewn by machine were the long strait seems. And they were all french seams at that.  I uploaded the full 10MP pics so if you click on the picture you can see the details. 

I love the sleeve button details here.
There is no doubt in my mind this was lovingly made. Possibly  by the Bride-to-Be,  maybe by her mother.  Or maybe it was a collaborative effort.

Tomorrow I will try to post about some of the other treasures I have received.  I wish I could say I've been sewing but we're renovating and that's been taking up most of my time. Its a mess now but boy will I be happy when its done!  I've also drawn up some plans for a new cutting table that I'm hoping Dad will help me make.  Oh, and I want to redo my closet too.  LOTS TO DO!  I did get two Burda Magazine patterns traced out, does that count? 

Front Details. Its kinda sad and limp without the petticoat.

Hand Sewn Hem

Almost all the button detailing was done by hand, Click to see!
back button details
shoulder pad detail


  1. Wow, that is amazing! No idea who it belonged to? It doesn't really strike me as twenties, but then I'm no expert.

    Good luck with the renovations!

  2. If it was my Great-Grandmother's she was married in the 20's, which is why that's my guess. If it was my Grandmother's then its early 40's. I really am not certain. Also the buttons make me think it went OVER something? Its pretty neat to inspect though.

  3. It's fantastic. But it doesn't strike me as 1920s either, the early 40s guess seems more reasonable to me... what with the fitted-ness and the shoulder pads. The front waist detail, too. I have (borrowed for indefinite amount of time) some sewing magazines from mid-30s to early 40s and this definitely strikes me as something that would fit in there.
    Do you have any photos from your respective grandmothers' weddings?

    Once again, it's fantastic. Absolutely and completely gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing this beauty with us.

  4. Elizbeth, your Aunts Stoddard believe that this was part of Grandma Stoddard's or more likely, your Great Aunt Betty's wedding dress (grandma's younger sister), she was married in the 40's. I believe that you have her email address; if you sent her a couple of these fabulous photos she may be able to shed some light on the question.

  5. Sue, thank you. I'll have to check out the old photos again. And ask Aunt Betty. :)