Friday, July 11, 2014

Kitschy Coo Camino Cap Duo!

we're looking fierce today

Hey, Psst. You. YES YOU. Do you know what this is? If you guessed the latest pattern from Kitschy Coo then you would be correct! This latest addition to her pattern collection is purrrrfect! I was so happy I got to test from ground zero on this one. Its such a cute and sassy design wrapped up together.

The Camino Cap is a downloadable PDF (-->GET IT HERE<--) that can be made up as both a shirt and a dress. There's the contrast yoke or one piece, and it comes down and covers the shoulders very nicely. This is especially good for those of us in a work place that has two settings: beer cooler or meat locker. In any case, I made an almost maxi length for me, and I confess, did it to completely rip off Katie's wonderful version. I lengthened at the "lengthen here" line and at the bottom. But since I made Felicity one as well, I didn't have enough to reach all the way to the floor. Normally I would wear high heals but soft ground, nope.

Mama Cat and her Kitten

Yes, you read that correctly. Mother/daughter outfits. She was gracious enough to wear hers with me for photos. I'm in size eight, she's in size 1. I had to shorten the bodice for Felicity by about 2 inches, the waist is a bit low and its large at the high bust but that's ok, room to grow!

Spot the belt. GET IT? Hahahaha, I kill me.

This is the husband's favorite, cause I'm smiling.

Check it out, I didn't even need to do a sway back adjustment!

Lawd that girl, she's getting her red belt this Saturday, btw, WATCH OUT BOYS!

I love the little dip in the back, makes for a lovely show of the nap of the neck. Kitschy Coo has THE BEST necklines.

Its like looking in the mirror sometimes.

This is me basking in the glory that is this dress, and/or contemplating how many more I want to make. OH, I have even told you the BEST THING about all the Kitschy Coo patterns. They are made from the same block so most of the pieces are interchangeable. I've had several hacks stewing about and tested, and I want to make some tutorials. Maybe when the kids are visiting relatives with their Grandmother later this month.

That's all for now!


  1. Wow... I think these could be my favorites so far... But I will admit there are LOTS of fabulous ones... Hmmm- I wonder what my 3 girls would say if I told them I wanted to make matching mom/ daughter dresses... ;)

    1. DOOO IIIT, you know you wanna have matching dresses one last time.

  2. Love this dress on you! So cute with the matching daughter dress too!

    I admit I'm a bit jealous this fit you so well right out of the envelope - I still need to finish making mine after adjusting the pattern from my first mockup.

    ~ Brooke

    1. To be fair, all of her other patterns I had to make large arm adjustments and raise the waist. The first dress rendition was also WAY too tight around the hips but she adjusted the larger end of the scale to accommodate for belly pooches (which never really go away after kids unless you are a personal trainer for a living).

  3. I'm not nearly tired of the lady skater pattern, but now I really want this one too. Love the jungle print and the matchiness with your girl. My daughter will be soooo jealous when I show her.

  4. Gorgeous, both of you! The dress is so fabulous, and I think yours might be my favorite version so far.