Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Roses for Oonapalooza!

This is my Katie Kadiddlehopper pose.

Check out my make for this month's Sewcialists theme!  I know, I'm totally squeaking in just before the deadline. Obviously, this is the dress that sparked my last blog post thought train. If it was TL;DR the gist of it was "I'm too nerdy for this kind of dress and PINK". But then there are so many other brilliant women that do. It was a silly notion, and while Oona approves of silly, I don't think she goes for THAT kind of silly.

Speaking of silly, while taking these photos I was like "I feel ridiculous". Luckily our lush vegetation gives us a good bit of privacy from snoopy neighbors. Oh, and I took these the same day I took my kitschy coo hack pictures. Isn't amazing how much a wardrobe change can make you look different? I mean, I'm wearing the same makeup!

So this is the Camino Cap from Kitschy Coo just like my other one only I made the skirt down to the floor this time. Its pretty much a straight size 8 though I did curve in for the underbust. I didn't want contrasting bands on the sleeves but I did on the neckline just to break up the pink. Both fabrics are an ITY from Fabric Mart, which I got on sale. I did a rolled hem on the serger, easy peasy. Its gotten to the point I can whip up a knit dress in two hours. TWO HOURS. Its no wonder knits are so popular with this kind of production speed.

Unlike the other dress this one gets compliments everywhere I go. With such a vibrant print I'm keeping the accessories to a minimum. Its all about the dress you see.

This is me laughing at myself for ridiculous posing.

Obligatory mouth open Oona pose, except somehow she does it without looking like she's getting tested for Strep throat. This is one of the things that makes her so awesome and vibrant even on screen, she has that light and presence that makes it work. Love you Oona, you totally deserve the spotlight this month.

I can't wait for all the roundups at the end! What I've seen so far has been fantastic.


  1. oh hahahahahaaaaa strep throat! i DO stand around with my mouth open, why do i do that?

    you are a dazzling pink bloom!!! i love the incredible sweep of that skirt and i'm glad to see you came through to the other side of the pink debate. cause you rock this shade, lady.

  2. My favourite thing about this dress is how nicely it balances all sorts of extremes! It's pink roses, but not sickly sweet... it's a maxi and elegant, but totally wearable day to day. It's great!

  3. Great dress! It looks both comfortable and sexy.

  4. Work it girl! You look great in your rosey maxi dress.

  5. I love this. The whole look is just brilliant.

  6. I love it! Such pretty fabric. I extra-love the binding in the rose fabric. It looks really good, finishes it off nicely
    (Have I ever commented on your blog before? I've been following for ages :-)

  7. I think you look stunning. Your work, and your blog is outstanding.

  8. Love it! This fabric is just gorgeous, and the little red pop at the top just sets it off perfectly.