Monday, March 21, 2011

I Do Solemnly Swear...

the wedding bouquet

That I'm up to no good! No wait, wrong book. Though a Marauder's Map would be awesome too. NO, this is about something more personal. Its about color. Having been a part of the goth/geek culture in Atlanta for as long as I have it comes as a shock to me that I'm planning not one, not two, but SEVERAL garments that range into that the pastels.

Peach, pink, cream, and already you've seen the baby blue. Oh, and lavender, but that one I've done well for some time. I once wore an ivory colored cheongsam dress to a Vampire LARP. So maybe this isn't such a surprise after all. But I will say that I have thumbed my nose at the rosy side of the color palette for some years. It almost feels like I'm betraying my own morals. Then again, the whole point of sewing for myself is to range into things I've never before been able to wear.

So here it is; I, Elizabeth, do solemnly swear not to be afraid of color. If it looks good and I like it, I shall not be afraid to wear it!

What colors have you shied away from?


  1. Hehe! You and me both! :) I still don't see myself in orange, though.

    I love that red skirt and the blue blouse, btw ... And the SHOES! :)

  2. I think pastels are extremely good in the spring though. They are a lovely match to the blooms all around.
    As for me - I have shied away from bright colors forever - mainly due to my size. Fat girls live in drab colors or hideous prints.
    Then, when my best friend got married, he insisted I wear a bright yellow dress. People who attended the wedding or saw the photos still compliment me in the dress. So, I am trying hard to be ok with brighter hues.

  3. @Tanit-Isis - Thanks! Also, about orange, I can do certain brownish shades of it, but its really hard so I don't try much.

    @b.a. - You DID look smashing in that yellow. Your best friend has good taste. ;)