Monday, March 28, 2011

Sew Cool Inventions

I have mentioned that I work in the telecommunications industry right? And that History of Science and Technology is sort of my thing? I should also mention that I have really awesome friends that will send me links to fascinating things. In particular, this site:

I will tell you, I already own one thing this site features. Conductive thread!
I have already used it in a jacket project for my son (small closeup here). I have a much more grand idea for a bomber jacket with a big light-up skull and crossbones embroidery on the back of it. The actual birthing of such a project still being in the larval stage.

I do have to say there's loads of other cools stuff here too. Things that could make this jacket from Tron Legacy possible (D*CON costume for the husband). Like the Illuminating Polymer Ribbon.
Let's see, then there's the shape retaining plastic. Wouldn't that be awesome for creating some neat silhouettes for hem lines on skirts, or sleeves, or collars? Oh oh oh, and glow in the dark thread! Which also means it will fluoresce under a blacklight! Oh man, if this is sturdy enough to be used in the sewing machine, use it for some border embroidery and you've got some serious clubbing gear going on!

So take a look at the site and tell me what cool ideas you have. What kinds of sewing projects would you use new technology on? (Just pretend you have unlimited budget here, its more fun that way.)

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