Sunday, March 27, 2011

Off Topic Bragging (sorta)

So exciting news here in Katza Land! I now am the proud owner of a digital SLR and a new computer that can actually run photoshop! Excited, I am, yes. I now have to do research on how to utilize all these tools but I'm hoping in the near future I will be able to bring you better quality pictures, maybe even some tutorials?

I do have some posts coming up, couple about tech stuff, but I swear it also involves sewing. And I have a few projects I'm making a bit of headway on and ALSO a dress idea. I will be using the antique lace pictured in my header and vintage silk acquired from my mother's stash. After having discussed with her the idea she is looking forward to seeing it. I will probably wear it for Beltaine (and Easter, we sort of celebrate both... its complicated).

So in the mean time, please enjoy the above photo my children. They were most willing to be test subjects for trial and error of new tech.


  1. I love those faces! :) Miss you much. Let's see if we can work out a lunch sometime soon.

  2. Ohh, jealous! Well, about the camera, I can't complain too much about my computer... I got to play with RAW format for the first time at Christmas and it was sook much more fun than I ever thought possible.

    I am now reminding myself that I have a perfectly good camera and all those settings would be wasted on me... ;)

  3. @Momma - I'm coming to your Sunday Supper! Hopefully in a new frock.

    @Tanit-Isi - I like your pictures and I'm totally stealing your sheet backdrop idea. Haven't played with RAW yet, but I'm sure that will happen soon.

  4. Beautiful children!

    Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your new camera...