Friday, September 9, 2011

And it Comes Full Circle


Mom's memorial service is in about 14 hours and I've spent the last three days cleaning.  Cleaning that involved 12 loads of laundry and I don't know how many bags of trash.   And lots and lots of scrubbing with lysol and a sponge because its the only good way to get the corners.  And I've felt the need to write in my private old school journals.  And create artistic photos.

And I've done a lot of crying, too.  What is it about grief that makes us do these things?  And how did my house and the people living here get so insanely out of order? Have I really been so preoccupied?  I can answer that and the answer is yes.  I can even see it in my attempts to sew.  I think I've made three successful garments since February when all this started.

Which brings me to the Colette Fall Palette Challenge.   Mom went on hospice when I had signed up for the Spring Challenge.  When I threw my hat in the ring for the Fall one I just had this uncanny feeling that this would be when Mom died.  And I was right, and its weird.  Now I feel like I _have_ to do this. In some weird way it will be another part of the closure.  Just like going to Dragon*Con, it would be something she'd want me to do.  So without further ado, My Fall Palette/Wardrobe plan!


So here is my Plan, and also my Palette for this Fall.  I've decided to go with six separates (two pants, three shirts, and a cropped jacket), one dress, and a house coat.  Yes, a house coat.  Every woman deserves to have something lovely and feminine to languish around the house in. There's more to the inspiration for a housecoat, enough I'll probably give it an entire post.

I have a vacation coming up. A real one. Not one that involves funeral plans, grief cleaning, and crying. This one will involve sewing and remodeling the garage into another room.  And hopefully more blogging for your reading pleasure.  Now I should get some sleep before tomorrow.  Its going to be emotional.


  1. I love you as the sister who simply happened to be born to different parents. Know that - my back permitting - I would love to be there and help you with the garage remodeling, even if it's just spending time with you and handing you things, some days.

  2. it's good to have a plan.... and i hope the service brings you what you need today. sending lovelovelove.

    (lookit that, my WC was "grease". apparently i'm sending grease, too. maybe it's elbow grease for you big garage makeover :)

  3. Just a little message to send you all my sympathie from the overside of the ocean. I am not sure this can help in all that pain, but...
    It's nice to have something to do and to take time to cry to!
    Just sending love and all my throught,

  4. I think that's a beautiful way to achieve some closure and honour your mom's memory. The patterns look great, too ;).

    ... a friend from highschool just posted a bunch of photos from Dragon Con on Facebook, and I thought of you. Funny the way the world loops together...

  5. I just want to add that you are not alone! And having a plan helps indeed. Great choices, by the way - and i especially love the housecoat idea and the vintage style! Is it going to be silk?

  6. @Marina - Its going to be rayon challis, the robe that is. That would be historically accurate in a way, too. I've changed my plans around a wee bit, but not much.

    And thanks everyone else for kind words. :)