Saturday, November 5, 2011

Meet my Nemesis

Curse you poly charmeuse! *shakes fist*

See that stuff up above? Its poly-charmeuse. Polyester charmeuse is pretty much the bane of my existence.  However,  I have yards of the stuff thanks to my lack of fabric knowledge In The Beginning. I'll take silk or rayon over polyester any day because, for reasons I'm sure I could find out, it just behaves so much better. YES the  natural fiber is still fussy and finicky, but at least I can iron the ever living mess out of it.

So, the project above is one I started, um, a couple months ago I think? Or maybe it was later, but I know it was about the time everything fell apart at once. Its the tie-blouse pattern from Burda 10/2011 .  This is suppose to be my 'wearable muslin' trial run, since ultimately I want to make it out of the Liberty of London lawn I got on my NYC trip. Have I posted my fabric haul from there?  Its on flickr, but here's a photo of the LoL (has no one else noticed that acronym?? cause its geek-tastic)...


Anyway,  I had to add a half inch of width to the back of the pattern and then do an FBA of almost three inches, which added bust darts to the front.  I also added 1/4 inches to the side seams of the blouse and the arms,  after also doing a large-arm adjustment.  The sleeve is suppose to be loose and flowing, which means I need about 18 in circumference as my biceps are 16 inches. I swear its not all flab, there was a time when I did all the wood chopping in the family (no, not kidding, i did. ask my dad).  Probably one of my favorite things about this pattern is the sleeves are not set-in sleeves.

So um...  I would also totally love to rant about work, but I'm contractually obligated to NOT. That and its usually a bad idea to do such things in this internet age, specially when you have co-workers that follow the blog (though none of THEM are my issue...).  Right.

I've noticed I've lost several followers the last few weeks. Probably because I've not been posting much at all. Hopefully that will be changing and I'll actually have something to blog about. Oh, yeah, THE GARAGE IS ALMOST DONE!  The end is in site and soon we will have a third bedroom. There will be pictures soon.

Oh, and I have a couple cool, semi-big announcements in the world of Internet Recognition soon. But now its time to crawl into my coffin go to bed.


  1. I think your blog is very informative, and you write well. And yes you did a great deal of the wood chopping.

  2. Ugh, poly charmeuse. The words alone make my skin crawl. I'm told that spray starch can make those nasty slippery slidy fabrics more tolerable to work with---mostly I just scream and run.

    So sorry you can't fully vent your ire---I love reading rants. But, y'know, keeping jobs is also good. Good luck---with that and all the other stuff you have going on.