Saturday, November 19, 2011


I seem to be unable to find my sewing mojo. And every time I say mojo, I think of the "Power Puff Girls".  I really am a geek for pop culture.  But really what this post is about is to say that I'm trying to get my will to sew back. I have lots of lists, and plans, and good intentions.  But instead I have insomnia, bouts of grief induced crying, and frustration.  It probably doesn't help that my mail-order pharmacy fubared the shipping of my anxiety meds AFTER I paid extra to have them overnight them. But they sent me my anti-inflammatory instead. The one I DON'T NEED.

And that just made me do this:

I did manage to make a blouse. If I can get some sleep and not look like a zombie I'll see about getting picks up.

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