Monday, March 25, 2013

April Challis - A Focus Month

*see below

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for Spring. Here in The South the pear trees and azaleas are blooming but its not really Spring weather yet. At least for us. I mean, yes its been raining lots but its still getting *gasp* BELOW FREEZING at night. I'm sure that's driving the farmers batty.

So, anyway, this idea was thought up somewhere around the end of Jungle January. I was all bummed out about not actually sewing jungle themed fabric that month and wanted another one. Then I looked at the enormous pile of rayon challis in my stash and thought "Hey! April Challis! It kinda rhymes with 'showers'". Except, not, because apparently its pronounced "shall-eee" because its some crazy foreign word that doesn't pronounce all its letters (Don't start. I know English isn't innocent either. I'm looking at you, knife, knock, and eight). Then I thought, hey, this is America, we mess shit up all the time so I'm gonna say its pronounced "shallis". So there. Neener.

The best part is, challis is the perfect fabric for Spring because its soft, drapey, and comes in a million floral prints. But also, its good for Autumn weather, use muted colors and longer sleeves. Add tights and boots for winter. So really, its the perfect transitional fabric, that way both hemispheres of our little global community can join in the fun.

Do you want to join in on this stash busting theme of the month? If so, just right click on the image and save to your computer and then upload to your blog. Please link back to me in a post!

*I pulled this image off of Pinterest and tried to find the original artist with Google Image Search, to no avail. If this is your artwork please let me know in the comments so that I can give you credit. I am not aiming to make any money off of your work. Thank You.

**When I'm not pressed for time I'm going to attempt "grab code" buttons.


  1. I'm in! I've ot two lengths of what I *think* is challis... both light blue/white polka dots! I need to make something pretty out of it!

  2. Yay! April Challis!! That button is insanely pretty. Of too comb the stash for all things soft and drapey.

    1. My daughter likes to take it and rub it up against her face like a cat and go "mmmm, soft".

  3. Yes! I have a few stashed lengths of challis (which word I've apparently been mispronouncing very, very badly for a very long time). April will be the perfect time to sew some up.

  4. I'm in! My challis is on it's way here!

  5. This is perfect. Already have two projects picked out. Brilliant timing. Beautiful button.

  6. You know, I'm not actually sure what challis is. I should go look it up, I guess...

  7. I'm slow to join but I'm in. I found some challis. I'll post it to the flickr group.