Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Challis Chalet Flickr Group

Welcome Dear Readers to your stay at the wonderful Challis Chalet!  (Thank You Ms. Grievances for that wonderful alliteration) Honored guests will find our amenities just perfect for your stitching delights. We have sewing rooms equipped with the finest machines and Colette worthy studio light. We also have breakfast and lunch nooks on demand with the finest culinary delights.

  You shall find your rooms filled with champagne  chocolate, and a Jacuzzi tub to soak the tired and aching muscles that come with sewing the day away while chatting with you best sewcialist friends.

Challis Chalet invites you to show off what lovely choices you have brought with you, fabrics and patterns.  You can join the Flickr group here. Please feel free to open up conversations for knowledge you'd like to share in our wonderful "discussion lounge".

The staff here can't wait to see what you have in store for us! And don't forget to grab the badge for your blog. Just right click and save to your computer from here.

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