Thursday, December 16, 2010

Theoretical Clothing - Part 1 of Wardrobe Planning for Fall and Spring

So like many people that love to sew we also love to shop for, and collect fabrics. Because ONE DAY we're going to make them into fabulous clothing. Every single piece we buy, honest. "You believe me honey, right?" I say to my husband. "I dunno, what's in it for me?" he asks. The rest of that conversation is not meant for this blog, thankyouverymuch.

In an effort to keep myself motivated and actually have, ya know, something to post I intend to do a series of wardrobe planning posts. The fabric I have and what I plan to make with it. Its good to have goals. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway. In any case, I have some sapphire blue wool jersey that I am going to make another dress like the polkadot one. I plan on lengthening the sleeves and leaving it at "just below the knee" length. I have found it to be one of my favorite dresses patterns as it provides a lovely backdrop for so many accessories.

But I also really need some blouses and camisoles. I have two patterns in the stash for that. Both of them are out of print McCall's patterns and both will require a good bit of adjustment for the bust. The good news about the actual blouse is that it has multiple sleeve options. Hooray for multi-season workhorse patterns! I might also take another crack at the Sencha Blouse. And last but no least for winter I want a black cotton velvet cropped jacket. I have this New Look 6564 and I want to make view E. Though I haven't decided if I want to add trim or not. I don't think I do.

But before I do ANY of that I am going to sew together my daughter's robe and make a pair of PJ's for my son.

There will be pictures later, PROMISE!

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