Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blog Award, Ya'll!

Goodness, this makes me feel all shiny. Farah of Farah makes Stuff has passed on the 'Liebster Blog' Award! The award goes to up and coming bloggers that don't have a lot of followers but certainly have a lot of passion. Go drop in on her and see what she's up to. She found me on BurdaStyle and her parents are practically neighbors.

The rules of this award are simple.
  • Link to and thank the person that passed along the award
  • Pass the award on to five of your favorite blogs that have less than 100 followers.
So, going in alphabetical order, here are my five;

  • Atlanta Street Fashion - A fashion blog in my very own backyard. Atlanta definitely has its own sense of style and this man takes pictures. I also love that he's a bike enthusiast.
  • Kelepso Design Studio - Here's a man on his way to Project Runway. I really want to see him there and I want to see more of his men's clothing. I'm very surprised he doesn't have more followers.
  • QuirkyPrettyCute - I love her unabashed enthusiasm for tackling a project.
  • Sewin' in the Rain - I love this woman's retro style.
  • Unsung Sewing Patterns - I have no idea how many followers she actually has but I love reading her blog as it is full of historical information. It brings to light the more utilitarian side of sewing of days gone.


  1. Awh! That's cool. I've never received an award for my blog, but I am very honored. Thank you! I guess, I have to pass the award on now. Happy blogging :-)

  2. Thanks for a gift that keeps on giving.