Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm really sorry for the lack of sewing posts of late. I am still trying to find my Mom a decent nursing home near me which involves medicaid. And I have a new work schedule and some projects that have been heaped on me. And some intense work with my daughter to get her caught up on reading. So, in the meantime here is a restyling of my Chantilly from Colette Patterns and a little girl chasing bubbles.

Love to all!


  1. Great looking dress, and i am jealous of your weather!
    I don't know if you would like to participate, but I was given the Leibster award (for blogs with fewer than 300 followers, in order to recognize ones you like and entice some new followers ;) Please take a look at my blog and link back to me if you'd like to join in!


  2. Thanks Farah! I really appreciate the award. I will have it up shortly with my Nominations. :D