Friday, April 22, 2011

Stark Raving Mad

At least that's what I think I've gone. Crazy. Bonkers. Insane in the Membrane. Why?

Cause I want to make one of these:

View A to be precise. I love the side buttons. I love the way that it almost looks like a two piece. And it also reminds me of a few things I saw in the D&G Spring collection.(on the right)
I thought the play suits were kinds of cute, though not for me. I AM in love with their floral chiffon gowns. But this 50's play suit might just work for me. Outside of that I love the shorts in view D. I might start with those. I'm not sure what fabric to use. I guess as a muslin I can use some purple linen/poly blend I bought ages ago at JoAnn's (before I became a fabric snob).

But first I'm gonna start on finish those sew-a-longs.

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