Friday, April 1, 2011

Everything Old is New Again

I found this gorgeous silk at Gail K's some ages ago and there was maybe 1.3 yards of it left. I was trying, for the life of me, to find SOMETHING I could make out of it. The only pattern was this silk tank/blouse thing from an old McCalls pattern (#4525 image here) that was floating around in my stash. I had to do a full bust mod, and also widen the back a bit as it is non stretch and its gotta go over the girls. The fabric is scrumptious and drape-y enough that it hangs beautifully, but I really prefer it tucked into my vogue skirt. I even made my own bias binding! Happy day!(see, bias binding)

I wore this to work with a RTW jacket I've had in my closet for a while now. It matches the skirt quite well. I got tons of compliments on the outfit, which made me very happy. Of course its always nice when people appreciate the things you work hard on. And this particular item has been in "the works" for weeks. Maybe months. Well since before Mom had to go into... yeah. Lets not talk about that, k?

A few notes; 1) I'm wearing shoes I JUST got in the mail. Those are not the ones I bought at work, but I heart them much. Now that I can wear heals again I seam to be on a shoe-buying binge. 2) I'm also wearing my favorite pair of tights that have polkadots (click to make bigger). Though I fear they are at the end of their life. The necklace is thrifted.

I'm not really sure what the blog title has to do with this, maybe the pattern being old and making something fun and fresh out of it? Or maybe a reference to spring? You decide. In the meantime, all ya'll northerners get a view of my lovely azaleas! Its springtime here, ya'll!
P.S. Oh Oh! I just have to edit one more thing in. I used some of the ancient cotton thread my Mom gave me that she got from somewhere else. I found out if I took off the top layer its JUST FINE to use. This meant I didn't have to go out and BUY thread. SCORE!


  1. I will enjoy the lovely blouse (and kick-ass bias binding!) and try not to whine about the winter storm warning (not watch, warning, and the flakes are already coming down) currently in effect. I do believe in spring, I do believe in spring...

  2. @Tanit-Isis Oh noes! I shall send you some sunshine. And pollen. In fact, you can have all the pollen. Everything here is dusty yellow. That's not smog, ITS POLLEN. *sneezes*

  3. Pollen I can handle... it's the 5" (and still falling!) of snow we've gotten in the last 12 hrs that I'm totally over... ;)

  4. I love the colour of your blouse.

    I have shoes that are a very similar colour and style to yours :)

  5. I love your outfit, and your new shoes! Turquoise looks amazing on you.