Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let's Talk Business

Or rather, business casual. Except I don't really do casual so well. Its funny, I work for a large telecommunications company in the NOC (network operations center) and on third shift.  Up until about a month ago almost everyone except me would wear jeans and a nice looking shirt.   But now we're in a shiny new building right next to Head Quarters and you should have heard the engineers.  "Now I have to go buy a whole new wardrobe!".

I just kinda chuckled.  I don't really need to change much in dress, though I do desperately need more basic separates.  Skirts with pockets and some nice blouses.

Vogue 8747
I believe I've settled on this one for turning into a TNT blouse.  Princess seams plus ABCD sizing looks to be the easiest to fit and give me many variations.  The latest Threads even has a tutorial on adding a button placket to this specific pattern! Win all around.  My fabric choices, however, are a little on the rebellious side.  I have my eye on the Goth Bunny fabric on Spoonflower, and of course the Hello Kitty L.O.L Tana Lawn I pre-ordered, not to mention the one I got in NYC.

Bunny Goth Pinstripe Blue
Goth Bunny

Hello Kitty Liberty of London

I like dressing up but since now I HAVE to... well let's just say I gotta be me.  For the bottom half of my wardrobe update I have two patterns.  The first of which is Colette's Beignet, which I'll be using some black rayon suiting from  

I also have a wool/rayon blend small plaid suiting that I intend to make a pencil skirt out of with Vogue 8672, but without the ruching. View A, to be precise. 

So that's what I have on the top of my priority list for work sewing.  Then its on to making vacation clothes for the kids!  My blue gingham maxi is done and I absolutely adore it. Will probably wear it everywhere this summer.  Going to try and get photos this weekend to put up for you.  And stay tuned, next I'm going to post the "power dresses" and sporty jackets I have planned to round out my work wardrobe.  


  1. OMG, I love that gothic bunny fabric! I didn't even notice the bunnies until I read your description.

    1. Its pretty awesome, isn't it? I love subtly subversive things like that.

  2. both fabrics are really funny! I'm also very interested in the vogue shirt pattern, princess seams look great and the article in Threads also caught my eye.

    1. I think princess seams are great on just about everyone. And hello, welcome!