Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spoonflower Fabrics; Something for Everyone

  I was poking around Spoonflower trying to find fabric that my husband might actually like. Something kinda dressy that I could make for him.  He likes dragons. Ok, so I found this:

Fiery Metal Dragon, L

He kinda liked it, thought it wasn't bad.  But then he came across this:

For the Horde!

Oh yeah, that's way more his style.  There was a time he practically lived World of Warcraft.  So I've bookmarked it.  Then I went looking for something I could make a tablecloth and napkins out of.  I was pleased to find there was an entire range of Cthulhu fabrics.

Picnic with Cthulhu  - Green on Cream
Please to be making a sanity check.

Even Christmas Cthulhu!

decapod 3-colour (ve)
Christmas decorations my husband won't complain about!

Something on my "to do" list for a while has been to make curtains for the kids' rooms. For sure they have very unique personalities.  Simon was all about this galaxy print.


I asked Felicity and she was like "No, I want horses!"  So I did a search on "horses" and this came up. I said 'Skeleton Horses?!' and she goes "YEAH! That's what I want!".

Carousel Horse Triad of Bones
I think there's something wrong with this family.


  1. As your Daddy, I don't think your family is weird, in fact they come by it naturally, either that or your parents are also weird. Hmmm! fact not fiction. Love Dad.

  2. haha - I scrolled down and the first thing that crossed my mind on the second fabric was also warcraft!
    Your family may have non-standard taste, but at least you're all consistent :P