Sunday, September 12, 2010

For Love of A Hobby

This blog is about sewing. Mostly. I'm sure there will be tangential discussions about other things, like the insanity of the fashion industry, history of technology behind sewing, body image and feminism, and the occasional rants about life in general. The hardest thing about starting a blog about a specific subject is deciding what to do for a first post. So on the suggestion of a friend I'll talk about what I love about sewing.

First thing that comes to mind is satisfaction. Satisfaction that I made something from beginning to end. I started with fabric, thread, sewing machine, and a pattern (or not) and ended up with a completed garment that fits me better than what I could buy in a store. I can wear it proudly knowing I DID IT MYSELF.

Well, mostly. Getting to the point where I wasn't embarrassed to actually be seen in public in my own handiwork wasn't a walk in the park. Despite my vague attention to things Mom taught me as a little girl I had no concept of how to properly adjust fit, keep fabric from puckering, or not throwing the sewing machine out the window when it wasn't doing what it was suppose to. And I absolutely hate putting on finishing details. Why? Oh, lack of patience mostly. By the time you get to that point you want it to be done NOW. NOW, I SAY, NOW! Screw this zipper, it doesn't need to have the lining attached, I can wear it as it is!

But really, it can't. After 15 minutes of trying to get it to zip up and then waiting for your husband to UNstick the fabric you just got stuck while desperately having to pee will cure you of that notion. Next time take the extra 20 minutes and hand sew the damn lining in place.

I've also learned that sewing for other people isn't my cup of tea. I work, I have a husband and two kids, I have chores that need doing. All this takes up lots of time and when I do have time to sew (usually at the expense of housework), I want to make things for ME. I have The Selfish Seamstress to thank for that piece of wisdom. And Mom.

And after months and months of blathering on to my friends enthusiastically about one project or another I have decided to join the ranks of all the other sewing bloggers out there. In the grand scheme of the internet, its not a huge population, but it is a close knit and supportive community. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I like talking and writing about it.

Sew On and Sew Forth!


  1. So do I. Blogging about your projects is certainly satisfactory, and it saves people around you from a lot of sewing-related talk. Mostly. :D

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! I look forward to seeing more!

    True fact: I made a simple navy linen dress the first summer I started sewing for myself and I did not attach the lining to the zipper. Despite the zipper and lining tangling issues I'm still wearing it - with a sweater over it to hide some fitting problems I didn't even notice then! Thanks for the reminder of my early sewing gaffes!