Thursday, September 16, 2010

Self Stitched September

(Or Why I Need More Shirts and Skirts)

So those of you already familiar with the online sewing community know exactly what the title is about. For everyone else I'll explain, or at least I'll explain my understanding of it. I could be totally missing the mark.

It actually started with 'Me-Made-May'. The goal being to wear something everyday that you made yourself. And then were encouraged to post pictures about it. There were a number of people, myself included, that wanted to participate but just didn't have the time or resources to do so. So enter Self-Stitched-September. I'm only sort of participating. I was going to try and do the whole shebang but life happened and I didn't get enough shirts done. I have enough skirts, well almost. I don't have a PLAIN BLACK pencil skirt. Which I suddenly realized I _need_. I have a closet full of black skirts, most of which are not made by me and either don't fit or are so threadbare its kind of embarrassing to wear them (one of my favorites being almost 15 years old). Considering just how much of a staple black is in my wardrobe I'm rather shocked I haven't done one yet. I shall remedy this! But now I'm having a dilemma of OMG!WHATPATTERNTOUSE!! Do I use my TNT self-drafted pattern (taken in for recent weight loss, woo!) or maybe this one that is in my stash or possibly this one from Vogue's new fall patterns. ARG! So many choices, so little time.

But I digress. I still haven't talked about shirts. I have a pile of wonderful knit fabric and a couple patterns to choose from. I was thinking I might do one more shirt out of the cowl neck pattern I recently modified for my own tastes. But then I went and signed up for the Lady Grey Sew-A-Long. Something that seems a little daunting all the sudden but I'm going to do it because I'm stubborn like that. Plus finally making something out of that silk tweed that has passed from my Mom's stash into mine would feel like an ultimate accomplishment. I mean, the whole reason I started really learning how to sew was because of THAT PIECE OF FABRIC. The idea was to make something from it that Mom would be proud of. I guess we all still have that little bit of girl in us. The one that holds up her creation and says "SEE WHAT I MADE MOMMY!" and beaming with pride when she tells us its the loveliest thing ever.

Anyway. I'm still managing two or three outfits a week that has at least one piece I made myself. I'm just not participating in posting photos.

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