Monday, September 27, 2010

Sewing with Cats

As those of you with have cats know, there is often surprises to be found. Small dead things left as presents, hairballs in odd places, and of course sewing notions batted around and knocked behind furniture to leave you scratching your head. Or in my case, tearing your sewing room apart and using lots of "grown up frustration words". See this adorable creature above? He will sleep just about anywhere, but one of his favorites is in the window behind my sewing machines when they are open.

As it so happens, I opened all the windows before taking my morning nap and then tackling the front princess seams on the Lady Grey coat. And I woke up to this puzzling sight. I felt the string tugging at my legs and so I looked down to find leading across the sun room. I tugged on it and was getting a lot of resistance.
So I followed it through the slider rocker legs, around the stool, and out the cat door. Once out on the back porch I follow it to the ledge where the empty planter boxes are hanging over the edge and who did I find sleeping in them with a string wrapped around his neck? That's right. Manga. Mr. I Ain't the Sharpest Pencil in the Box.

So finally managing to free himself of the Evil String, he has run away to live another day. And as I was cleaning up the strung string a leaf got caught and was bouncing up and down as I was tugging. This of course caught the attention of our elder and more elegant of two cats, BaiLong. Every time the leaf would be still she would put her paw on top of it, than I'd tug again causing her to jump a foot in the air. This went on for five minutes, which is like hours in cat time.

The Pile of String.

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