Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekly Wednesday WTF

Here's something I'm going to try and bring you once a week. All the things I found that made me go WTF?! Hopefully you will find them as entertaining as I do. I encourage light-hearted snark.

First lets start out with the world of patterns. OF all the big four (McCall's, Butterick, Simplicity, Vogue) I think McCall's is my least favorite for quality of drafting. But that's an aside. Their showcase in email this week was a new sheath dress M6201. Its big selling point? Embellished shoulders!

(Image Courtesy of McCall's website)

Uh... Is it just me or does that look more like someone added enough hardware to merit this at least +2 to armor bonus? She's trying out for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! (Well, maybe if it was green...)

Moving right along. Runway Fashion! Really this is just a category of WTF all on its own. You have to know what to take and what to leave. And in the Spring RTW ('ready to wear' for those of you not up on the acronyms) Marc Jacobs we have this wonderful gem. Are you as mesmerized as I am? Cause it took me a minute to realize she forgot her pants. I have to say the shoes are pretty awesome though. I guess wearing pants might detract from the shoes? Then why the glorified pasties over the shirt? I'm probably just not fashionable enough to "get it".

(Image Courtesy of


  1. For the dress if the just dropped the shoulder adornment it would be a lot more acceptable, boring as well but you shouldn't draw any strange looks. I'd say you need Mock Crows or Ravens with the wings swept up like they're ready to pounce and the heads looking down the arms. You'd still get the armor bonus I think. *grins*

    The striped outfit is interesting. I'm not exactly certain but the concentric circles are a bit detracting and maybe it would look better as all one piece. Maybe they were trying for hot pants? either way I would have to agree the shoes are the best feature of the ensemble

  2. haha, you're +2 armor comment had me snorting my diet coke. Mostly because I am super nerdy :)

  3. I think if the embelished shoulders were actually embelished by some kind of paper origami or so, it would have some merit, but I'm not sure at all this way.

  4. I meant fabric origami, obviously... what was I thinking?