Sunday, September 19, 2010

Obsession with a Skirt

Oscar de la Renta is probably one of my favorite designers. I've heard him called "old" in that he designs classic silhouettes. But on the other hand many of his designs would actually LOOK good on a non-model-thin body. That is if you can afford the price tag. Can you? Cause I sure as heck can't.

But from his Fall 2010 RTW (Ready to Wear) collection I have totally fallen in love with this one skirt. See it on the right? Isn't that the most lovely shade of green EVER (Its only a couple thousand dollars. totally a steal)? And the kicker was the fur trim around the bottom. And it was by accident that I found an equally lovely silk suiting in peacock blue. Its hard to tell if the complimentary color is black or chocolate brown. It really depends on the lighting. And while in Nashville checking out the local fabric store there I found THE PERFECT faux fur. (That's French for 'fake'. Does anyone else remember all the old commercials promising "REAL FAUX PEARS!" or what have you?) So now I need to perfect my straight skirt pattern JUST a bit more and draft a lining for it. As much as I would love to do the embroidered embellishments that's just not in my books. But I think I will have a lovely skirt anyway.

So the picture below is the fabric I've found to copy this skirt. What do you think? Will it be FAABulous? Weird side note, the fur feels just like my cat Bailong, who is one of the softest cats I've ever met.

Stay Beautiful!


  1. Totally digging on the skirt and your finds for your own version. I can't wait to watch the project unfold.

  2. have fun with the fun fur! Maybe you can keep your eyes open for a blocky print in the right colours for a bottom panel---though I think it'll look just fine plain.

  3. @Tanitisis - Hmm, applique could possibly work, but I think I just like the fabric too much to cover it up. But that might work for solid color as there was some of those in the collection!

  4. I was thinking not so much applique as a pieced in panel... you're right, that fabric is much too gorgeous to cover up! ;)

  5. I'm sure it's going to be fantastic. And your own, which is a big merit. :-)