Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Weekly WTF: It Was the Thought That Counts?

You know how when someone gets you a present and are all proud of themselves. They wait with baited breath, glowing with anticipation at your reception. Then you open it and you're all like "WTF!" but you know that you can't show your disappointment so you put on your best face and say "Thank you so much! Its wonderful!". Because, you know, it was the thought that counts, right?

That's how I feel about this travesty. NYC fashion week made this huge deal out of having an ALL PLUS SIZE FASHION SHOW! And by plus size they mean gorgeous women in the size 12-18 range. But then they did something awful with the hair and makeup. Reading through the captions Jezebel put on the pictures, they point out that they've had a devil of a time finding good photos or videos of the event. I have yet to see it show up

Now, I'm going to add that I believe one of the reasons that designers use such thin models is laziness. The less curves a body has, the less they have to actually FIT the model. They become ambulatory clothes hangers. As someone that is trying to hone their skills as a seamstress I can appreciate the amount of work to make an article of clothing look good on someone. But this isn't about making someone look good, its about making art out of clothing. Or at least it seems that's all some of the designers are trying to do. But if they don't want real people wearing their clothes, then why are they trying to put a square peg in a round hole?

What I saw was very loose fitting, sometimes poorly fitting clothes that were not flattering. There were a couple of good pieces. A few videos that I found had some more that might have been nice. But I didn't really see anything NEW or anything that I thought "OMG, I must find a way to make that myself!" Did I mention I think their hair and makeup people were asleep at the
wheel? I think I did.

Though in all honesty, we have come leaps and bounds in what is available both in ready to wear and in patterns for the lovely plus size ladies. After all, your choices used to be something like this:

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  1. Elizabeth, this post is a very insightful review of the vicissitudes of the purely lazy designers of clothing. I know that I take delight in the wonderful variety of women and of men, be they tall, short, fat, or thin. Without the variety life would be extremely boring.