Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Epic Cleaning Frenzy

One of the things on my "to do" list for some time is to "redo" the kids' rooms.  And this is one of those times I really wish I had thought to take "before and after" photos but I didn't. Because I was on a warpath of CLEAN.  No one must stand in my way.

I started on my daughter's room. They are both at the Grands at this point and she doesn't freak out over change.  Her bed was in the middle of the floor, nothing in the dresser, the closet hadn't been cleaned out from when we moved in over seven years ago and DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN it was trashed.  All told I netted six 33 gallon bags of trash and three large boxes for GoodWilll.  My roommate rearranged the furniture and we moved her desk and art supplies upstairs in the corner I cleaned out for her. So I also have more room in my sewing/office area (more on that in another post).

We did not paint/wallpaper this room. It came like this.
Yup... this is the after photo.

Sewing machine now on her desk, and yes, she has a huge fish tank. 

In the hallway, the SECOND wave of stuff from her room.

So the kids get home, Felicity is thrilled with the new arrangement, YAY!  I have to get up early on Fridays to pick up my share at the farmer's market, so since I was awake and Simon was home I started on his room.  This way he's involved and I won't have to deal with emotional melt down over changes made (Simon has some idiosyncrasies that we've had to work on, and he seems to have inherited my anxiety issues.... weee).  Felicity decides to help and I have her take Simon's now, mostly empty (since the fish died) one gallon tank to the bathroom.  She drops it. ICKY EVERYWHERE. Lovely. I tell her to go out on the back porch to grab the mop and bucket.  What I don't realize is there is more than one mop and bucket.  So I decide to take that one out to the trash (it was used in another epic cleaning)  and, even while holding the hand rail, I slipped, landed on my behind, and slid halfway down the stairs.


ouch ouch ouch  

Ouch.  PAIN.  So much pain. My husband comes rushing around the corner, Felicity's going "ARE YOU OK??", and Simon starts wailing.  I'm still mentally assessing whether or not I've just made my back injury worse or if its just gonna be one of those hurt for a couple weeks situations.  After missing two days of work, it looks like the latter.

But wait, THERE'S MORE!  Normal, sane people would stop cleaning at this point. But obviously I'm neither normal or sane. Instead,  I waited the 25 minutes for the meds to kick in and went back to work.  I told you this was an epic cleaning frenzy, right?  Yeah, it was.  Three more bags of trash and two huge boxes of toys to donate.  Oh, and while I was at it I found a new bed for Simon's room that's a loft style with a desk underneath.  Husband went and picked it up and everything!  Then we had A Talk reminding him what we do for a living.  (When asked what I do, my kids say "She kicks people off the internet" and its not UNtrue, exactly. Pay your internet bills people.)

So, long story short, that's why I haven't gotten any sewing done. What did you do?


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    1. Ya know, crazy thing, after my surgery the doctor told my husband I should have been in a wheel chair considering how badly the disk had ruptured. I might not be a machine but freak of nature is probably accurate.

  2. Holy crap, Lady! That is intense. And eerily reminiscent of what I need to do in the next few weeks (except, hopefully, for the fall and fishtank catastrophes.)

    Tyo has a loft bed and it's pretty sweet, although she doesnt have a desk underneath it (yet), just bookshelf and hangout space. I'm sure Simon will love his! :)

    1. Ooo! yes, you are moving soon, right? I find moving makes you get rid of LOTS of stuff. And I have a something neat for you but was waiting until moving happened so you wouldn't have MORE to pack.

      In any case, I don't recommend falling down stairs. Its hazardous to your health. ;)

  3. OH MY GODS woman. Be CAREFUL!! O.O

    I don't know if you got to see my comment after yours on my latest post, but yes I'd love to take a doll off your hands :) shoot me an email :)

    1. Awesome, Its currently in storage so I'll have to coordinate with Dad to get it. And I'm trying to be careful, but my OCD kicked in. O.o

  4. I found you via oonaballoona. When I came to "I waited the 25 minutes for the meds to kick in and went back to work", I knew you were crazy and I had to start following your blog, mostly cause you make me feel normal. You go girl.