Monday, June 18, 2012

Give-A-Way Three! Little Darling

Isn't this just darling? I personally love this look for little girls, particularly when they are under the age of five and can't really complain. I got lucky though, my daughter seems to love the retro looks. I picked this out for those of you that might not like to sew for grown ups but love sewing for children. A daughter, granddaughter, niece, or lucky friend's daughter.  I'm even throwing in some gingham cotton/poly broadcloth in pink with little flowers.  Felicity's not so in to pink these days (so... we may be painting her room soon *sighs*).  The second image even shows the ruler on the back so you can tell scale.

The print makes this weird on the eyes. I blame not thinking about this on being awake 15 hours.

 This is Simplicity 2287 in a Child Size 1 with three views, blouse, jumper,and skirt.  All the pieces and instructions are there in factory folds. This includes the transfers for the applique.  The quilters out there would love this!  Now, this is a fifties pattern and one thing I've discovered about vintage children's patterns is they run LARGE.  When you had to make most of their clothing apparently you wanted it to have room to grow.

Chest 20"
Waist 19.5"
Back Length - neck base to waist   8"
Finished back length of jumper 17"
Finished back length of blouse 11 3/4
Finished length of skirt 9"

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  1. Ooooh! My daughter would LOVE this pattern- she loves twirly skirts!

  2. This is such a lovely look on little girls, I remember wearing suspenders over circle skirts.