Monday, June 25, 2012


This is just a quick post to remind you the last give-a-way closes in less than 24 hours. I'll be doing the dice rolls and announcements by this Saturday.

 Also, I finally made some progress on the kids' projects, including a muslin on my daughter's bra top and getting Simon's shirt cut out.  As expected, the size 8 (chest 26") had almost eight inches of ease.  EIGHT.  I know its suppose to be a loose style but that's absurd.  Oh, and Simon got a haircut.  This was the best photo I could come up with:

Meatloaf AGAIN?? 
That's pretty much his natural state.

In any case, I have lots of photos on the DSLR and more to write about but this  will have to suffice for now.

Anyone else have the "Its summer and I don't want to be at work" blues?


  1. I hate modern patterns and their ridiculous amount of ease. Sure, it's best to have more fabric than not enough, but 8 inches just seems to me that they think we can't read tape measures. Or are ridiculously vain.

    1. *laughs* That's just it! This is from 1949!!! I found there is MORE ease in vintage children's patterns.