Thursday, June 21, 2012

Give-A-Way Five! The Slenderette!

Well, isn't this fabulous?  Not only that its a 42" bust! That's right, I pulled out another large vintage pattern for ya'll. Isn't it lovely?  This has two views, a sheath dress and an A-line.  The soft pleats in the front can be embellished.  Another great pattern for dressing up or down.  All the pieces and instructions are present.

Bust: 40"
Waist: 32"
Hip: 44"

Rules To Enter:
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Rule to get TWO entries:
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Winner Will be chosen by roll of the dice. 

Entry time will close June 26rd 11:59PM Eastern


  1. Wow and wow! I like the patterns and I like the new blog design. Nice work.

  2. This is totally gorgeous. Because I'm so pigheaded, I actually went ahead and bought a 42" vintage dress pattern because I loved it so - am currently attempting to fit the blasted thing! Hopefully I'll get there soon ;)

  3. Love that bow on the neckline! Beautiful!

  4. The new blog design is great. And the pattern is delish - I would make the sheath style first I think!

  5. So lovely! The pattern is just too gorgeous, love the full skirted version!

  6. I love the pleats at the neckline! Your blog redesign looks great too - particularly you're header picture, it's gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous! And exactly the right size for my mother,who i'very been starting to sew vintage style dresses for. :-)

  8. Ooh what a pretty pattern and in my size too. Please count me in.

  9. Lovely pattern! But I can't help but laugh with those silhouettes like the lady on the right, the ideal woman figure in the 50ties was seriously weird!

    Please do count me in (fingers crossed for myself, yay :) )

  10. I like the ample bust size!