Monday, June 18, 2012

Cake and the Bunny Rue

First off, WOW! Look at all the new people!  Nice to meet ya'll and welcome to my little corner of insanity. And don't worry, we have cookies.  I'm gonna have to send some to Oona as a thank you. Also, if you are new, just started following me, and want to put your hat in the ring for any of the give-a-ways, please don't forget to comment! Otherwise I might miss you and that would make me very sad.

Second, I'm skipping the give-a-way tonight as I lost my way for a bit there. That will be explained after the "Cake" section in the "Bunny Rue" section. I will have the next give-a-way scheduled to go up at noon this Monday. In any case, despite the lack of in-depth sewing posts, I have been sewing. Honest! And I have more planned soon, including some insights into sewing vintage children's garments.


Mmmm, knits

So, to continue with the description that Ms. Tasia started, I have actually been doing some sewing since I finished the two frosting dresses. Sewing cake pieces at that, but in neat fabric.  First I have to back up and say that I had been on an online fabric buying spree lately.  Seems every time I want to strangle someone at work I end up buying fabric instead (My bank account is probably thanking my doctor right now for the Xanax prescription).  This has amounted to... a lot of fabric.  The above knits I had cut out, most of which are in progress right now being one bit.  Another knit fabric I had cut out was from Saywer Brook, a French rayon jersey knit called Gotham(now sold out, sorry). Being the geek that I am, how could I NOT buy it. It has since become a piece in heavy rotation.  The dress is New Look 6936 * and is all cake. Very great basic knit pattern. This one could be sewn without a serger if you have a good zigzag stitch.  I haven't modeled it on me, not had much time. But here it is on my brand new, padded out doppleganger.

Please excuse the mess, we're still in the midst of The Great Cleaning and Reorganization Project.   So, as cake-y as this dress pattern is, the print makes it fun.  Its kinda like Devil's Food Cake, doesn't need frosting, ya know?  I get lots of compliments on it at work.  Also, I'm quite proud of how my dress-form finally turned out.

I also finished at black knit top that was suppose to be cake, but ended up giving it to a friend because it didn't fit me.  I have pictures and will post them later. :D

*This was my first time trying to do a downloadable pattern from Simplicity's site and all I have to say is NEVER AGAIN.  Not only did it really cost me more than it would at the store, I'm only allowed to print it out twice and the system they use to put the pieces together is confusing.  I can't even really describe it. They don't have the rows numbered numerically or anything like that. Its weird. AND they made me go to a WHOLE other website  and fill out info for "security" of only being able to download it twice, AND the instructions counted. WTF? So, in summery, unless you live overseas and its just otherwise impossible to get, don't do it.  Or even better, use Tanit-Isis'  Grecian Sundress pattern.

The Bunny Rue

So, Friday was my actual birthday.  And the day itself was not exactly spectacular but it ended on a note that, while not in any way happy, was completely unforgettable. My husband is on call this week, and got a trouble call while we were out for my birthday dinner. Not really his fault, but after I had gotten up early to pick up my farm share and everything, I was kinda just tired.  We both ended up going to bed when we got home, Felicity was off with Grandma again (she does that alot in the summer) and Simon was in his room reading.  So, about 10:30pm (which is like AM to me, I work nights), I wake suddenly with the feeling something is not right.  I get up and walk out to the dining area to see Simon's kindle sitting on the floor next to the table in the walkway with its little reading light still on. This is very unusual since Simon takes fairly good care of his electronic devices.  Then I hear commotion in the sun room. 

I walk around the corner into the sun room and find Simon kneeling on the floor and obviously distraught.  He stands up and says "I just locked Manga out so he couldn't get to the bunny. I heard it scream upstairs, it woke me up and I tried to save it but look!!"

Manga is our orange tabby cat. He's a tough hunter, enough so he managed to survive a wild dog attack,  so without even getting over to see this bunny I knew it wasn't going to be pretty.  Simon's squatted down over it and is crying "Don't die little bunny, hang on little guy. You can make it."  
I can see its bloody from across the room and knew I was going to need some gloves. I told Simon to watch it, I'll be right back and went and got a pair of the latex gloves I use for cleaning.   I get back and remind Simon to breath as I put the gloves on and gently roll the bunny over. Its back is broken and you can see its intestines.  "I'm sorry Simon, but I don't think he's gonna make it." I tell him gently. 

"Its gotta make it! Its just gotta! Can we try and save it? Can we keep it if it does??"  he says with so much hurt in his voice.

"Yes Simon." I tell him, knowing neither of those things are possible. " Grab that empty box and some paper towels."

He's better with instructions.  Panicking people always calm down when they have something to do.  He gets the required things and I put some of the towels in the box and then gently lift the rabbit and put it in the box.  The poor thing is gasping for air this entire time.  I put the box in Simon's lap and tell him he can pet between its ears.  The entire time he's got tears in his eyes and he pets it gently saying "Hold on buddy".

I'm totally losing it on the inside but this is one of those moments in motherhood you gotta keep it together. I've taken off the gloves at this point and I'm holding him while he holds the bunny in the box.  After what seems like ages but is really only about five minutes it finally stops breathing.  Simon starts sobbing.  I let him cry.

"Its better this way Simon. There was no way it was going to live through that. See its side, that's its insides.  It was too broken and in pain to live that way." I told him.  "Breath Simon."  And he gets his breathing in check with the exercises we've given him to calm down.  

"Its better this way, I promise.  Now its no longer suffering." I tell him. 

"Like Grandma W?" asks Simon. 

"Yes, like Mom. Neither of them have to suffer anymore".  

"We have to bury her, or him. It, we have to bury it."  I have to smile because even distraught Simon's mind focuses on the details.  And of course we have to bury the rabbit. It couldn't be any other way.  I ask him if he knows where the shovel is. "No, but I know where the little one for gardening is" he says. 

So there I am in the backyard at 11pm at night with the camping lantern, a dead bunny, and a tiny hand trowel digging a grave.  We dig it big enough for the bunny but not the box and as we put it in the ground Simon asks "Since its dead, can I name it?"

"Yes, Simon, I think that's just fine." 

"I'm gonna name it Rue, cause it was tiny and brave."   And if ya'll have read "The Hunger Games" then you are right there with me.  I waited until he cried himself to sleep in my arms before going through an entire box of tissues myself.  

And that's how my birthday ended. 


  1. Oh. Oh how very sad. You were wonderful the whole way through. Happy Birthday?

    1. Thank you, I'm not actually sure how I made it through that. The entire time I was telling myself I can't wake up my husband because this is the first decent sleep he's had in a week.

      I went to a poll party the next day, totally made up for it. :)

  2. Your boy has a heart of gold, well done for staying strong. Happy belated birthday too. Oona sent me in your direction and I'm so so glad she did.

    1. He really does. People don't always get to see it because he lives in his own head a lot. Thanks for the Happy Birthday and I'm glad you're here. Cheers!

  3. I had tears in my eyes just reading that. You were both so brave.

  4. that movie made me cry and just reading your story made it worse.. im sorry about the bunny but your son is an exceptional human being

  5. oh no. i knew your birthday didn't go well but oh no. if this doesn't get my ass to the post office i don't know what will. you need birthday week cheer!!!!! and simon needs a medal.

  6. Children have amazing perspective, my 3 year old son surprises me all the time.
    Sorry about the bunny.

  7. And I am totally crying - he named it Rue? Your son definitely deserves a medal, just like Oona said - he is very special. And you definitely deserve some birthday cheer, so I am sending you many hugs right now - and hoping you get to attend another pool party and celebrate your fantastic self

  8. What an awful birthday, I am so sorry. I am cursed in the birthday department, so I really understand how it sucks to have a crappy Bday. Kudos for keeping it together in front of your son, can't imagine how you managed it. What an amazing special son you have.

    PS found you through Oona too.