Sunday, June 17, 2012

Give-A-Way Two! That's So Seventies. **update**

**I forgot to add, you can try for each give-a-way. So comment on any of the ones you want to enter as the week goes on. Hope that helps!**

I picked this pattern up in a huge antique shop during a trip to the North Georgia mountains. It was nestled between old coke-a-cola paraphernalia and ratty old taxidermy deer heads.  There was even an old electric washer with a hand wringer.  In any case, I had a certain Egyptian Goddess in mind when I found it but then it turned out she already had a copy. She'll just have to wait until she sees what else I have in the goody bag.

Anyway, here's Simplicity 6710 a CLASSIC 70's silhouette.  The pattern is printed, counted the pattern pieces and they are all there, though its been used so some of them are kinda smooshed in.  Since this is a fairly common pattern I thought I'd throw in some poly/cotton knit with tiny shoes all over it.

You know you like the tiny shoes. Don't lie.

Stats:  Bust 36" Waist 28" Hips 38"

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Winner Will be chosen by roll of the dice. 

*entries for this one closes June 21rst


  1. Fabric with SHOES on it?!? Love!!! I'd love to be in the draw for that piece of awesomeness. :-)

  2. Oh beautiful summer dress pattern, fingers cross because I'm dying to make a dress like this to my gorgeous mom

  3. This pattern is awesome...something I would definitely make and wear!!

  4. Love the pattern, and the fabric is AWESOME!

  5. I looooove this fabric! I'm not sure I would use the pattern so it's best if someone else gets it. But seriously: little shoes?! L.O.V.E.

  6. Thank you for the opportunity! I'm new to your blog but have added you to my feed reader! I'm so sad I didn't find you sooner :)

  7. I love how flowy the top and dress sleeves are. I can totally see myself in this.

    I am not so sure about the pants though.

  8. Just added you to my blog reader. I've seen this pattern pop up on a few blogs now, and am totally in love. And the shoe fabric - awesome!